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Focused Adaptable-Structure Teaching (FAST) Framework

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Common Roots & Affixes - A daily teaching activity that teaches students to recognize and utilize the most common Greek and Latin roots and affixes. 

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Classroom Poster with FAST Framework icons

  1. -A visual reminder for teacher and students

  (36” X 18” - Black & White)

$12.95 each - free shipping

A set of magnets with the FAST Framework icons

  1. -A visual reminder for teacher and students

  (4.5” x 5.5” - Color)

$12.95 per set - free shipping

DOK Question Stem Clipboard -

A clipboard with the FAST Framework Icons on the front side and DOK (Depth of Knowledge) questions stems on the back. 

$14.95 each - free shipping

July 16, 2015 LAUSD Presentation

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July 16 Keynote Presentation.pdfResources_files/July%2016%20Keynote.pdfResources_files/July%2016%20Keynote_1.pdfshapeimage_16_link_0
July 16 LAUSD Session Presentation.pdfResources_files/July%2016%20LAUSD%20Session.pdfResources_files/July%2016%20LAUSD%20Session_1.pdfshapeimage_17_link_0