Frank Rodriguez, Ed.D

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez is the President of RISE Educational Services.  Working with associate Dr. Gene Tavernetti from TESS Consulting Group, he has created the professional development courses offered by RISE-TESS. 

A former school and district administrator, Dr. Rodriguez, who entered the profession through Teach for America,  works with elementary and secondary teachers and administrators.  He has presented to and worked with more than 2,000 teachers in more than two dozen school districts in the last 5 years.  His ongoing goal is to further a common language around core instructional practices. 

Gene Tavernetti, Ed.D.  (TESS Associate)

Dr. Gene Tavernetti has been involved in education for over thirty years. He has served a coach, teacher, counselor, administrator, and consultant.

Dr. Tavernetti holds a core belief about children and adults: Given the right environment and proper support everyone can improve and succeed. This core belief has allowed Dr. Tavernetti to help his students, staffs, teachers, and administrators--with whom he now trains and coaches--to attain the levels of competence they desire.

Professional Developer / Instructional Coach

Sherwin Low

Sherwin Low was a teacher, an administrator, and an instructional coach for over thirty-two years in Northern California before joining RISE six years ago.  He firmly disagrees with the statement that great teachers are “born great teachers”.  He believes that effective classroom instruction is a result of teachers combining a working knowledge of the science of lesson delivery with their own individual style and artistry.

  1. -Professional Developer / Math Specialist